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About Haris Khan

Roll up your sleeves and put your learning caps on, it’s time to experience first-hand the guidance and expertise of one of the most accomplished figures in the industry – Haris Khan.

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The Market Wizards Facebook Community

This is where the magic happens. Step into the world of Market Wizards – a vibrant Facebook community of over 40,000 like-minded individuals on a journey to master the art of cryptocurrency trading.

With exclusive access to live sessions and lectures by Haris Khan and other seasoned industry veterans, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge and insights to sharpen your trading skills. And with a dedicated team of full-time moderators always on standby, you can rest assured that your queries and concerns will be promptly addressed.

But that’s not the best part! Our Facebook community is completely free to join. We’re proud to say that it has grown into an indispensable resource for any serious trader looking to thrive in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Why Choose the Market Wizards

Built on Trust
We are the first choice of over forty-four thousand students word wide.
Free Courses
Our members have free access to over $400 worth of online courses.
Transparent Live Trading
Access live trading, with trades and performances visible to all traders.
Safe & Secure
We implement state-of-the-art security and keep abreast of modern market trends.

Free Access to Our Courses

With over 44,000 students from around the globe enrolled in his Udemy courses, Haris has a proven track record of empowering traders with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. And now, you can access all these courses for no additional cost, when you sign up to be a member of the Market Wizards community!

You have the exclusive opportunity to access both of his $400 courses completely free of charge! Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to take your trading game to the next level – join Market Wizards today and gain instant access to this invaluable resource.


Premium Discord
✅ Signals
✅ On-demand Analysis
✅ Market Breakdown Sessions
✅ Updates by Haris Khan
Standard Discord
✅ Signals
✅ On-demand Analysis
✅ Market Breakdown Sessions
✅ Updates by Haris Khan


1. How much do you charge?

We charge a minimal fee of $25 per month. However, if you purchase a six- or twelve-month subscription you can get one or two months off respectively.

2. What should I know before joining?

Ideally, you’ll already have gone through both our courses on Udemy [INSERT LINKS], but if you haven’t, no need to worry, you get free access to everything by joining our Facebook community.

We also recommend watching Haris Khan’s videos [INSERT LINK] on trading psychology on YouTube.

3. I am new to crypto trading. Where should I begin?

The best place you can start is by joining our Facebook group [INSERT LINK]. You gain access to a vibrant community of seasoned industry veterans and also all of Haris Khan’s critically acclaimed Udemy courses [INSERT LINKS]. Begin going though these and join The Wizards Hub.

That’s all you need to enter the exciting world of crypto trading!

4. What’s the difference between the Facebook group and the Discord channel?

The Facebook group is a free community for crypto trading enthusiasts and is a good starting point for those interested. You can benefit from years of knowledge accumulated by Haris Khan for no charge.

The Wizards Hub Discord channel is a step above. It is a complete platform for anyone who is serious about crypto trading, no matter your skill level. This platform contains everything you need to get started or to level up your trading skills. You also get trading signals from Haris Khan and his team.



Join our discord community

Join the Wizards Hub community in just a few easy steps!

  1. Download the Discord application.
  2. Create an ID with your real username.
  3. Click on the following link to join THE Wizards HUB server:
  4. Once you’ve joined the server, click on SUPPORT TICKET to create a ticket in the chat box.
  5. In the chat box, write “subscription” after creating the ticket.
  6. A team member will be in touch with you shortly to provide further instructions regarding payment, etc.
  7. If you face any difficulties during the payment procedure, kindly refer to the “JOIN US” section and watch the video that explains the payment process.