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Haris Khan

About Haris Khan

Get hands-on guidance from one of the best men in this business. Haris Khan is an experienced and professional trader who has learned the ins and outs of this industry over the years from his own experience and mistakes. After years of struggle by self-learning and mastering trading, he wanted to make this experience better for the next Haris. Today, he is the founder of one of the most resourceful cryptocurrency trading communities, in Pakistan. Join him on this journey of building a new generation of investors, traders, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


The Market Wizards Facebook Community

The Market Wizards Facebook community is where it all happens. Join 30,000+ like minded people on your journey of crypto trading. Live sessions and lectures by Haris Khan and other experts are conducted to help educate the community and help everyone grow. A team of full-time moderators are there to help solve your queries and concerns. The Market Wizards is a FREE community providing immense value and a must-have for any serious trader!

Free Access To Our Courses

Haris Khan has over 44,000 students from all over the world enrolled in his technical analysis courses on Udemy. The Market Wizards members have FREE ACCESS to both of his courses which cost $400 total. Join market wizards community to get free access now!

The Wizards Hub

Wizards hub is a platform and a trading hub which welcomes everyone, from professional traders to beginners who are learning. There are different sections that will cover all your trading needs such as spot/scalp trades, swing trades (Investments), market analysis, trader discussion group and much more! Wizards hub has talented professional technical analysts in team who aim to make your trading experience better by helping you and solving all your queries.We also have a fundamental analyst for our Gems section( Where you learn about gems NFT’s fundamental analysis) who will guide you and help you through your journey with NFTs and the metaverse. We conduct Wizard talk which is a live session where we discuss what’s happening in the market. By joining wizards hub you get access to all these and much more!
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2) Make an ID with real username.

3) Join THE Wizards HUB server by clicking the link

4) after joining the server click on SUPPORT TICKET and create a ticket in the chat box.

5) after creating the ticket write subscription in the chat box.

6) Team member will be in touch with you shortly for further instructions of payment etc.

7) If you Face any Difficulty in payment procedure.Kindly watch a video in JOIN US section in which the payment procedure is explained.


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